Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Model Systems Researchers to Present at the 94th Annual American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference

Model Systems researchers will participate in the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) 94th Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, October 23-28, 2017. Model Systems researchers who have submitted conference presentations to the MSKTC are listed below. Additional information can be found in the conference program here.   

Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System (RMRBIS)
  • Jessica Ketchum and Dave Mellick, MA will present the symposia, "Getting the Most Out of the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems National Database."

Spaulding New England Regional SCI Center (SNERSCIC):
  • Bethlyn Houlihan, MSW, MPH, co-director of Dissemination and Knowledge Translation, will Chair a 4-hour instructional pre-course, “Shifting Focus: Delivering Peer-Led, Person-Centered Support Services in SCI Rehabilitation, Community Settings & Online,” including SNERSCIC co-author Ms. Sarah Everhart Skeels. Ms. Houlihan will also present a poster, "RCT of a Peer-Led Phone-Based Empowerment Intervention for Persons with Chronic SCI Improves Health Self-Management,” including SNERSCIC co-authors Ms. Sarah Everhart Skeels, Ms. Diana Pernigotti, Dr. David Rosenblum, and Dr. Alan Jette
  • Tim Belliveau, PhD, co-investigator for the former New England Regional SCI Center for the 2011-2016 grant cycle, will present a poster, “Demonstration of a Software Application for Optimal Prediction of Functional Outcomes After Spinal Cord Injury,” including SNERSCIC co-authors Dr. Alan Jette, Dr. David Rosenblum, Ms. Bethlyn Houlihan, and Ms. Diana Pernigotti
  • Dr. Hannah Mercier, PhD, OTR/L, a fellow working with SNERSCIC, will present a poster, “Core Resistance Training Strength Improvements Relate to Gains in Balance for Adults with Paraplegia”, including SNERSCIC co-author Dr. J. Andrew Taylor
  • Dr. J, Andrew Taylor, PhD, co-project director, will present in a symposium, “Experimental Approaches to Enhance Physiological Function after Spinal Cord Injury” moderated by Dr. Hannah Mercier

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